Event Organizers

  1. What are Presella's fees?
  2. Creating an event is always free on Presella. If you're selling tickets to a risk-free event, the fee is USD 0.99 plus 4.0% per ticket sold and you will only be charged once the event meets its target. If the event does not meet its target, no one is charged a cent. If you're selling ticket to a regular event, the fee is USD 0.99 plus 2.5%.
  3. How do my fans receive their tickets?
  4. Fans receive their e-tickets via email.
  5. How do customers access the event?
  6. Tickets sent to fans have a unique serial number and QR code. Once you use Presella, we will send you access to a mobile application you can download to admit ticket holders in a fast and efficient way.
  7. What if a customer wants to cancel his/her order?
  8. As the event organizer, you can set your own refund policy. Prior to a 'risk-free' event meeting its target, users can cancel their order(s) at no charge.
  9. How can I create an event on Presella?
  10. Creating an event on Presella is free and simple (hyper link to how it works). We review all submitted events and respond to you within 48 hours.
  11. How do I collect my money?
  12. Presella organizes wire transfers. A team member will contact you to arrange for this at the final date of ticket sales.


  1. How can I pay for and receive my tickets?
  2. You can pay online via our secure payment gateway. You will receive your e-ticket(s) by email once the payment is processed.
  3. How much does Presella charge?
  4. Presella only charges event creators; charges are included in the ticket price when you buy a ticket. Additional service charges may apply. These charges will always be very clearly stated during checkout.
  5. What if I want to cancel my order?
  6. Prior to a 'risk-free' event meeting its target, you can cancel your order(s) for free. If you would like to cancel a paid order, contact us at info@presella.com.