is an online e-ticketing platform that enables anyone anywhere to become an event organizer. Users can set up and promote ticket sales to any type of event using an array of features.
We are the first platform, globally, that takes the risk out of event planning by allowing users to sell tickets to what we call a 'risk-free' event in order to discover audience demand and secure the minimum funds needed to confidently prepare for its success.
  1. Sign up to Presella and click on 'Create Event'.
  2. Give your event a name and tell us which city it will be held in.
  3. Decide on the minimum number of tickets you would like to sell by a certain date in order to go through with your event.
  4. Set your ticket(s) price(s).
  5. Take advantage of as many features and fill in as many other details as you'd like and you're good to go.
  6. Promote your event (Presella will too) and start selling tickets. You can even offer perks and discounts.
  7. Reach your target, confirm your event details(venue, date, time) and continue selling tickets up until your event date. Customers who have booked tickets will be informed that the event is now happening and that their credit cards will be charged. They will immediately recieve their tickets by email.
  8. Get paid once you've held your event and begin planning your next one!
* If the event does not reach its target by the set date, anyone who booked a ticket will have the hold removed from their credit card.
** We're flexible. You can always change details like the target number of tickets, the date by which you'd like to reach that target and whether you just want the event to be a regular one.
  1. Browse our website and find a ticket to any type of event -- party, concert, workshop, anything!
  2. Choose a number of tickets and ticket type then proceed to check-out.
  3. Pay securely online. If this is a risk-free event, then a hold on the order amount will be placed on your credit card. This is just a hold -- you will only be charged if the event is confirmed or else you won't pay a cent and the hold will be removed.
  4. Share the event with your friends and family and support the event organizer.
  5. Attend the event :)